About us

Did you ever curse your luck for missing a music concert because you got to know about it too late? Or wished that you could be in two places at one time because you couldn’t decide on one out of two parallel concerts; only because you didn’t have adequate information?

We have. Too often, actually.

We decided to put an end to this predicament of being forever in the dark about Hindustani Classical Music concerts happening around us. Who are “We”? Just a group of friends who are crazy about music. Simply put.

What followed was a simple thought. Why keep this within the four of us? Let’s just extend this to all fellow music lovers. 

If you are looking for information about upcoming Hindustani Classical Music events/concerts, you have come to the right place. Sangeetnama is the only Music Events Calendar you will ever need to help you search for concert details and plan your musical time efficiently.

That’s not all. Sangeetnama is beckoning us to do many other things regarding Classical Music. A small step this Calendar may be, but we believe it is the first in a journey of a thousand miles. Keep watching this space for more…

Welcome to Sangeetnama!

Pushkaraj Apte
Nishant Shah
Sonal Athnikar
Prasad Sawant